Simpson Maxidry 1000P,1200P,1200S,1000s Clothes Dryer Fan Belt Heavy Duty 0210



This fan belt fits most Simpson dryers. It also suits several Westinghouse dryers. The belt stretches over the fan and motor pulleys.Suits Simpson Minimax, Maxidry,Sirocco Models.

These  belts are more durable because they don’t have a welded/joined point.Approx diameter measures 25cm.

 There is only one size fan belt to suit all Simpson dryers.It will look shorter than the older one because it will get loose after running for a few years.The belt stretches over the fan and motor pulleys.

12 Month Replacement Warranty.

We don’t do combined postage for these items because the individual postage covers ebay costs.

The models are here below:

39-080 39-081 39-091 39-101 39-111 39-131
39-141 39-151 39-161 39-181-000 39-191 39-431
39-441 39-451 39-471 39-481-000 39-731 39-741
39-751 39-771 39-831 39-841 39-851 39-871
39A360P-000 39A365S-000 39A450P-000 39A455S-000 39B360P*13 39B365S*12
39B365S*13 39B450P*13 39B455S*12 39B455S*13 39B506SE 39B510SA*12
39B510SA*12 39D361P*13 39D362P*13 39D452P*13 39D456S*12 39D456S*13
39D457S*12 39D457S*13 39D505SR*12 39D505SR*13 39D512SA*12 39D512SA*13
39P350J*01 39P350J*02 39P350K*01 39P350K*02 39P350K*03 39P361E*02
39P361E*03 39P362E*02 39P362E*03 39P450J*01 39P450J*02 39P450K*01
39P450K*02 39P450K*03 39P452E*02 39P452E*03 39S355J*01 39S355J-01
39S367E*02 39S367E*03 39S455J*01 39S455J*02 39S455K*01 39S455K*02
39S455K*03 39S456E*02 39S456E*03 39S457E*02 39S457E*03 39S500J*01
39S500J*02 39S500K*01 39S500K*02 39S500K*03 39S505E*02 39S505E*03
39S512E*01 39S512E*02 39S512E*03 39S550J*01 39S550J*02 39S550K*01
39S550K*02 39S550K*03 39S555J*01 39S555J*02 39S555K*01 39S555K*02
39S555K*03 40-201 40-211 40-221 40-241-000 40-331-000
40-341-000 40-391-000 40-431 40-441 40-471 40-551-000
40-741 40-771 40-841 40-871 FS50A-01 FS50EA*01
T35AP T45AS T45BS-01



If you are unsure if this part is correct for your model appliance, please do not hesitate to contact us with your appliance details and we can confirm it with you.


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