Westinhouse Kelvinator Electrolux Simpson Fridge Defrost Timer 8 Hr p/n 1448728


Westinhouse Kelvinator Electrolux Simpson Fridge Defrost Timer 8 Hr p/n 1448728

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            Electrolux Westinghouse Kelvinator  Fridge Refrigerator Replacement Defrost Timer 8 Hour.


This is the NEW Style Defrost Timer suits most later model Electrolux products.Suits many fridges including Westinghouse, Hoover,Kelvinator and Fisher and Paykel + more!!!! MOST COMMONLY USED!!!!!

8A, 1/3 hp,240V, 50 Hz.Heavy Duty

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3x Westinhouse Kelvinator Electrolux Simpson Fridge Defrost Timer 8Hr p/n1448728   AU $29.95     eBay item number: 251599502541

10 Westinhouse Kelvinator Electrolux Simpson Fridge Defrost Timer 8Hr p/n1448728   AU $89.95     eBay item number: 251637046314


Suits Kelvinator Models:

N660G, N660G*02, N520F, N520F*02, N360F, N360F*02, N410F, N410F*02, N520SH, N520SF, N520SF*08, N360SF, N410SF, N520H, N360H, N410H, N360SH, N410SH,KTM4200WA,N520J, N520SJ,, N420J, N440J, N440SJ,CS370J, CS370J, N280J, N300J, N330J,N360J, N390J, N390SJ,KBM5100WB*07, KTM5200MB, KBM5100WB, KBM4300WB, KBM3800WB, KTM3600WB, KTM3900WB, KTM4200WB, KTM4400WB, KTM5200WB, KTM3900MB, KBM5100MB, KBM3800MB, KTM3600WB*07, KBM3800WB*07, KTM5200WB*07, KTM4400WB*07, KTM3900WB*07, KTM4200WB*07, KBM4300WB*07,N360H*04, N410H*06, N520SH*05, N360SH*04, N410SH*06, N520H*05,

Simpson Models:

STM5200MA,STM4200WB, STM3900WB,STM3900MA, STM4400WA,STM5200WA,STM3000MA,STM3000WA, STM3300WA, SR440B*01,SR300C, SR330C, SR390B, SR440B, SR520B, SB380C, SR520C,STM3900WA*3, SR390B*01, , STM3900MA*3, STM5200WA*3, STM5200MA*3, STM4200WA, SR390C, STM3600WA*3, STM4400WA*3,SBM3800MA, SBM5100MA, STM3600WA, STM3900WA, SBM3800WA, SBM4300WA, ETM3600WB, SBM5100WA,SBM3800MA*3, SBM3800WA*3, SBM5100MA*3,SR300B*01, SR330B*01, SR300B, SR330B,SB510C, SB430C,STM4200WB, STM3900WB,  SBM3800MB, STM3900MB, SBM4300WB, SBM3800WB,STM3000MA*3, STM3000WA*3, STM3300WA*3,


Westinghouse Models:

RJ182T*01, RS662T*01, RS663T*01, RS662T, RS663T, WRM4300SA, RJ522V, RJ526V, RJ422V, RJ442V, RJ446V, RJ362V, RJ392V,WBM5100PA, WTM4200PA, WTM5200PA, WBM5100SA, BJ514V, BJ434V, RP432V, WBM3700WA, WBM3700SA, WBM4000WA, WBM4000SA,  WFM3600SA, WTM5200SA, FJ302V, RP372V, WFM3000PA, RJ282V, RJ302V, RJ332V, WTM2900WA, WTM3300WA, WTM2900WB-X, WTM3300WB-X, WTM3900SB*07, WTM3900WB*07, WRM3700PA, WTM3900SB, WTM3900WB, WBM5100PB, WBM5100WB, WBM4300PB, WBM4300WB, WRM3700PB, WRM3700WB, WBM3700PB, WBM3700SB, WBM3700WB, WFM3000PB, WFM3000WB, WBM4000SB, WBM4000WB, WRM4300SB, WRM4300WB, WTM4400WB, WTM5200PB, WTM5200WB, WTM2800PB, WTM2800WB, WFM3600SB, WFM3600WB, WTM4400WB*07, WTM3000PB, WTM3000WB, WTM3300PB, WTM3300WB, WTM4200PB, WTM4200WB, WTM4200PB*07, WTM4200WB*07, WTM5200PB*07, WTM5200WB*07,BJ384V, FJ362V,

Electrolux Models:

   EBM3800WA, EBM4300WA, EBM4300SA, SR520B*01,  ETM5207SA, ETM5200WB, ETM5200SB, EBM3800WB,  ETM3900WB, ETM3900SB, EBM5107SA,   ETM4407SA,  ETM4200WB, ETM4200SB,  EBM5100WB, EBM5100SB, EBM4300WB, EBM4300SB, ETM5200WA, ETM5200SA,  EBM5100WA, EBM5100SA, CS430J, CS430J,  NB510J, NB510SJ, SR440C, EBM4307SA,  ETM3600WA, ETM3900WA, ETM3900SA,  ETM4400WA, ETM4400SA, NB380J,NB430J, NB430SJ, EFM3600WA, EFM3600WB, FN360J, FN360J, SBM5100WA*3, ERM3707SA, ERM4300WA, ERM4300WB, SBM4300WA*3, FN300J, FN300J,  ETM2800WA, ETM3000WA, ETM3300WA,   EFM3000WB,   ERM3700WA,  ERM3700WB, EFM3000WA, EFM3001WA, EFM3007SA,   


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